Raclette Cheese and Sipsmith Gin Tricycle’s

Raclette cheese! Our brand new tricycle just in time for Christmas, warming the core of all those that indulge in the gooey stringy cheese.


What is Raclette you may ask? Well it is considered the pinnacle of Swiss cuisine alongside fondue. A half moon of cheese held under a heater until it is so well melted that the surface of the cheese bubbles. The melted cheesy elixir is then scrapped all the way down and lands perfectly on a bed of baby potatoes. Served with red pepper, rocket, cornichons and pickled onions. Tickled the taste buds yet?


Swiss Raclette cheese is said to have originated in the Alpine regions, where farmers had left cheese on rocks near a fire. When the cheese melted onto the rocks they scrapped it off and thought it the taste was incomparable to anything else. As the legend goes, Raclette cheese became well known as the best melting cheese on offer. With it becoming famous for providing a filling meal, which provided great energy to the farmers during their long days and nights on the hills.


So why not follow in the farmers footsteps with a finely prepared meal for your Christmas party or any sort of upcoming event? The cheese compliments a whole variety of different situations from a lighter evening meal to an additional extra later into an event. No matter the event your guests will leave with nothing less than a beaming smile after tasting our Raclette, we wholesomely guarantee.

But what goes perfectly with Raclette, well Sipsmith gin and tonic’s of course!

I don’t think many people would disagree with me that a good old fashioned G+T is a great British beverage, that on a warm summers evening is unrivaled. But realistically a great gin and tonic can be and should be enjoyed throughout the year no mater the weather. Sipsmith guarantees amazing gin every signal time. Created in their famous and unique copper distilleries, we designed our tricycle in their style and it has over the last year become our flagship tricycle.


Check out our short video just to see the amount of time and skill that went into the creation of this magnificent tricycle, by clicking on the link to our Vimeo channel.


Served with Fever Tree tonic water in a Sipsmith branded glass, the tricycle and the drink that it serves radiates elegance of the highest order. Garnished with fresh lemon and limes to top off perfection.

It’s not too late to hire it for Christmas!

Fancy it? Well inquire through this blog or on our website.

We all look forward to working with you in the future, have a great weekend.

Lights Camera Action!

It has been all go here at Ideas Box, Christmas event planning is well underway! With an extremely busy October we’ve hardly had time to catch a breath, but having extremely happy clients is the most important thing to us!

But we have had a little time for some filming of our tricycles. Our website is currently in the process of being updated and we thought videos would be a great visual addition. However before we got around to that we had a very interesting job with the BBC.


It was for two of our tricycles to appear in the upcoming series of The Apprentice no less. So we took our stripy and spotty tricycles down to Brighton to assist the candidates selling sweets to customers. The episode which aired a few weeks back saw Oliver get fired after failing to lead his team to victory in the task.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:01:01 on 20/10/2016 - Programme Name: The Apprentice S13 2016 - TX: 20/10/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: ** embargoed to 00.01hrs Thurs 20th October ** Karthik Nagesan, Oliver Nohl-Oser - (C) BBC - Photographer: Screen Grab

Although he did have some highlight moments with our tricycle. Most notably riding it through Brighton and almost crashing into bollards after going down a one way street! But sadly Oliver failed to cycle his team to glory and his efforts on the tricycle went down in vain.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:01:01 on 20/10/2016 - Programme Name: The Apprentice S13 2016 - TX: 20/10/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: ** embargoed to 00.01hrs Thurs 20th October ** Karthik Nagesan, Oliver Nohl-Oser - (C) BBC - Photographer: Screen Grab

For Ideas Box on a personal note the tricycles looked stunning with their Brighton beach backdrop and they were very well responded to in the episode. Along with Lord Sugar ridiculing Oliver over his tricycle related activities.

We were even kindly invited to the filming of The Apprentice after show ‘You’re Fired’. Four of us made the trip up to the studios to be some of the first people to see the episode! From all of us at Ideas Box we want to thank the BBC for the invitation and we were delighted to have the tricycles on the show and we look forward to working with them again!


A couple of weeks ago we hired an up and coming video company to come to our unit and create short clips of our tricycles in action. We really wanted to portray to our clients what they could expect. The filming was a great success and we have five very exiting shorts to share with everyone, which are already available on our new Vimeo account!


With more filming hopefully taking place in the new year, we cant wait for all 22 of our tricycles to receive the Hollywood effect!

Don’t forget to check out our social media pages to keep right up to date with all things Ideas Box.

Popular Christmas Tricycles

Christmas is just around the corner, 90 days to go in fact, and we cannot wait for you to get excited about our popular Christmas tricycles. Summer is fading away into our rear-view mirrors, the winter wardrobes are getting finally getting some use and the temperature is slowly dropping. But fear not, we have the perfect combination of food and drinks tricycles that can warm the heart and put smiles on the faces of all.


What we are really trying to promote this year is our mulled wine and roasted chestnuts tricycles. Both were introduced last year and were extremely popular, so why not let more people know all about them?

Our mulled wine tricycle is garnished with oranges and severed piping hot, to really get rid of those winter chills. The oranges really bring the flavours to life and some of the reviews we received last year make us really excited for all upcoming mulled wine events.

Roasted chestnuts are London classics which I am sure you have all smelled and most have at least tasted when walking along the Embankment. We want to bring that taste and smell right to your events. Being served off the gold tricycle (as seen at the Square Meal Venue and Events trade show) it really does give that festive feel. And it doesn’t just end there, we also offer roasted caramelised nuts which are perfect for all events. Imagine the rich aroma these tricycles would give off. It would be something special indeed.


Roasted Chestnuts Tricycle

Our luxury Swiss hot chocolate are definitely guest favourites. With some even labelling it the best hot chocolate they’ve ever tasted. Its smooth texture provides that perfect balance between milk and chocolate with the variety toppings just adding to the exquisite taste. Who doesn’t like marshmallows and cream with their hot chocolate?


Hot Chocolate Tricycle

Now my personal favourite our snow cones tricycle. Shaved snow created write in front of your eyes to create a real snow cone. You are able to choose from over 70 different flavours to top off your snowcones satisfying all guests I’m sure. And if you really want, you can add some vodka, to give the snowcones that alcoholic twist. My favourite flavour is mango and I would highly recommend that!


Snow Cones Tricycle

Something slightly different from our tricycles is our ski blizzard or ski simulator. We’ve recently upgraded it to be a four player platform so even more of people can participate. With fake snow swirling around your head, immerse yourself in this great experience. The inflatable dome is lit with uplighters the colours of which can be changed to fit a theme of your choice.


Ski Blizzard

To round up our popular Christmas collection is our Winter Pimm’s tricycle. Warm Pimm’s with spiced apple juice really is something that everyone needs to try at least once in their lives! Garnished with apples and oranges the explosion of flavours that you are sure to experience will change your life. Winter Pimm’s is perfect for those evening drinks receptions and winter weddings.


Winter Pimm’s Tricycle

But of course this is only a handful of our 21 tricycles and you are not restricted to these tricycles in the slightest! We also offer a bespoke service so if you have any suggestions for what you would like to be served off one of our tricycles we will try our best to accommodate.

We can’t wait for all of your Christmas events!

‘Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction’

Happy Friday, well sort of, the rain is back and I guess that could finally be the end of our extended summer. Sad face 🙁 But we all knew it was coming and it’s time to prepare ourselves for those winter months.


Union Flag Tricycle

Last week we had we had the opportunity to welcome Latresha for work experience. Where she would learn about the ins and outs of an events company. Below are details of Latresha’s week written by her, as one of her tasks whilst she was at Ideas Box.

“On my first day I was able to help clean the tricycles that had been used at a weekend event to understand the operational side of an event business. Especially in a small business where everyone has to muck in. I was also able to visit a venue, where an event I would be working on Friday was taking place. This allowed me to communicate with other members of staff and give them key information like lift sizes. Finally I went to visit the graphic designers to experience all about the branded tricycles.

On Tuesday Harvey (company director) took me to set up an event with the ice cream tricycle which was amazing. It taught me teamwork and that many hands make a job easier and more manageable. After leaving the event I returned to the office to help create job sheets, which informs the people working the event about operating the events. Which was interesting as it showed how organised you all have to be to make an event run smoothly.

On my third day I was mainly shadowing Emma who is the sales assistant intern for this year. She showed me how to create invoices, booking forms and menus. This allowed me to see another side of the business, how the events get booked and created before being put into operation.

To round off the week, I got the chance to go to an event and helped operate the Hot Dogs Tricycle. This was a great learning experience as I got full interaction with clients. Overall it was a busy but rewarding day, which will surely help me in the future.

My work experience was a real eye opener. Meeting and working with some amazing people who introduced me to how a business really operates. As I shadowed each member I witnessed the true meaning of team work and without it many things would not happen. Helping them to set up events was really amazing and was a great opportunity. I would like to thank the team for welcoming me with smiles and open arms.”

Latresha was a great team player and each of us here at Ideas Box wish her all the best for the future.


In further news we will be attending the Square Meal Venue and Events trade show on Wednesday and Thursday (21st and 22nd) next week, where we are looking forward to meeting some great people! Hope to see you there!

What’s New at Ideas Box -September

Just a few little updates from Ideas Box in September. As John F. Kennedy once said:

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

We have teamed up with Oddono’s Gelati to provide amazing ice cream across all of our ice cream tricycles. Oddono’s are an award winning company who make fresh natural gelato and with a whole host of amazing flavours (over 130 to be precise) you will not be disappointed in the slightest. I am in full support of their tag line: Life’s too short to eat bad ice cream!

With 5 stores across London amazing ice cream is surely just around the corner! Best ice cream in London! No question!

You can check out Oddono’s on Twitter here or check out their website


Oddono’s Logo

Another change, well more of an addition in fact, we have added to our ice cream tricycle collection! Following on from our two 1930’s, one 1960’s and a blue and white ice cream tricycles the union flag ice cream tricycle is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Taking our collection to five, meaning we can provide even more ice cream and satisfy even more guests and clients.


Like what you see? Head on over to our contact page and get in touch.

Finally we have had a work experience student join us over the previous week and hopefully she will be sharing her experience working with us tomorrow, with her own blog post.

We all really hope she has enjoyed the experience and has learnt a lot.

Sweet treats – with a sprinkling of sugar and chocolate of course!

Sometimes there is nothing quite like a real dessert, a dessert that fills you up and every bite of every mouthful is just filled with total satisfaction. I know you must be sitting there imagining the taste of your favourite food. Maybe the tummy has even started to rumble slightly? Well when I imagine that special dessert I think of Belgian waffles and warm churros dipped in a fresh hot chocolate sauce. Who doesn’t love chocolate right?


Churros are just one of those desserts that aren’t enjoyed nearly as much as they should be, instead doughnuts are the preferred choice of many that love to indulge in a sugary treat. But why is that? The first thing that pops into my mind is the texture. When made correctly however there should be very little difference, apart from the crispy outside, along with the rich doughy centre. Another misconception is that churros are dry and lack any real taste – but that’s what the chocolate sauce is for. The rich sauce soaks into the churros softening the outside, but still leaving that crunch many have come to relish.


Here at Ideas Box we have both a doughnuts and churros tricycle, with both being extremely popular, especially for private events. The churros is prepared to order so you will only receive the highest quality for your event. Fresh and crisp and warm to the insides, the churros will leave you feeling satisfied inside, I can guarantee that!


The doughnuts tricycle is another guest favourite and with multiple toppings every doughnut can be something to behold. Again we make them fresh to order and serve in bamboo boats, so that none of the sauce is lost! With sauces including white and dark chocolate, caramel and strawberry they could be mixed together – I have no idea what it would taste like, but it would be a lot of fun right?

There’s more photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages so feel free to check them out!

But my all-time favourite dessert has to be Belgian waffles and I would always smother them in white or milk chocolate at home and ‘stuff my face’ (my mum’s words) on a Sunday in front of a film. So working on the other side, actually making waffles and helping to organise events so that others can experience and fall in love with the unique taste, is really amazing.


Our Gold tricycle hosts our waffle machines and the waffles can of course be personalised with a whole host of toppings. Including strawberries and cream, banana and of course chocolate sauces. But of course we work for you, so if you ever fancy a different topping all you have to do is ask and we will try our best to make it happen.

With a busy bank holiday weekend for us we cannot wait to serve more guests and provide some excellent food and drink.

Enjoy the long weekend.

POPS and Ice Cream – summer delights

Why is it that summer always goes so fast and winter seems to drag on for the majority of the year? Some of you reading this may really enjoy winter. Fresh morning jogs, strolls in the park with leaves around your ankles wrapped in bulky clothing to keep out the cold. And of course the magic that is Christmas and the New Year. But me, I am all about the summer and the weather (hopefully good) that comes with it. Chillaxing in a beer garden, beach walks where you lose yourself in your surroundings, music festivals and more, I’m sure everyone has their own definition of summer.

But of course there’s the refreshments – the ice cold taste of ice cream and popsicles. Here at Ideas Box we do both and both are always in such high demand throughout the summer. Both tricycles definitely have done the rounds this summer and with more events to follow, more and more guests will get to experience the wonders these tricycles hold.

We have teamed up with POPS to provide outstanding ice popsicles that all can enjoy. With a range of flavours including classic champagne and Moscow Mule off their ‘naughty’ variety. Along with ‘nice’ flavours non-alcoholic apple and elderflower and my favourite strawberry and mint. They are refreshing and full of flavour and a huge hit with all that try them. With an pedigreed clientele as highlighted in a recent Daily Mail article, is it really any surprise that they are a company destined for continued success? We are proud to have a POPS tricycle.


Product photography by Mark Colliton London UK

Displayed below, our blue and white POPS trike which draws in the crowds and really does personify our creative and unique ethos.


At a recent event they were so popular they were all gone only a few hours into service. All the guests marvelled at them, so much so that many had multiple popsicles. All of us here at Ideas Box love the pops and sales and marketing assistant Emma said:

‘They taste great, look great and I couldn’t hand them out quick enough’.

We look forward to many continued events serving POPS.


Enquire about the POPS tricycles availability through this blog. You can also check them out on Twitter and Instagram here!

Our ice cream tricycles is one of our most popular and no wonder with the hot even humid weather we’ve been experiencing. Well we have waited long enough! We have four different ice cream tricycles to choose from, three 1930’s style and one 1960’s style. Both styles equally as special as the other. From the photos below you can probably tell that as well! Colourful and full of life they really do add real character to events.


And well of course they wouldn’t be popular if the ice cream was awful now would it. The ice cream is far from awful, it is in fact it’s amazing and truly delicious. I’ve tried it and all I can say is wow and we get zero negative responses from clients. They all pretty much say the same thing, ‘can I have some more’.

To top it off today (19th August) is national soft ice cream day. First thought to have originated from Tom Carvel in 1934, he sold his newly discovered ice cream to holidaymakers in New York. You can read the full story here.

Maybe we owe the ice cream we have come to love today all to that man?!

Don’t forget to follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts here to keep right up to with all things Ideas Box and events we have been working. We are always happy to take any inquiry you may have.

Have a great weekend.

Introductory Post – Pick N Mix and Pimm’s

Here at Ideas Box we are always looking to provide unique and creative ideas for every single type of event. From weddings to corporate we do it all. No event is too challenging and every single member of our staff is willing to go that extra mile to make your event so memorable that it’ll live long into distant memory.

We are well into the summer party season and wow have they been memorable this year. I recall serving guests on the Pick N Mix tricycle and watching their faces light up at a long lost past time – sweets and a seemingly endless supply of them!

Our Pick N Mix tricycle contains 48kg of sweets and up to 15 different varieties at a time – enough to keep all of your guests happy I am sure of it. Sweets and events are a beautiful combination, a marriage made in heaven so to speak. The drinks are flowing, the guests are laughing and the music is playing softly in the background, the sweets could just add that extra level to your event. Perhaps turning it from spectacular to outright perfection?


Pick and Mix Tricycle

Imagine seeing your guests gleefully milling around a Pick N Mix tricycle, tucking into their childhood memories of penny sweets, now wouldn’t that be something? That’s the power these magnificent tricycles have on people, they recreate memories and help to establish new ones. But it isn’t just the Pick N Mix tricycle that has that effect.


Guests enjoying the Pick N Mix

Our Pimm’s tricycle is extremely popular with guests, so much so that we usually run out of servings way before the end the end of events. Made with fresh fruit, hand prepared on site so that we can offer you the full Pimm’s experience. Just know we never cut corners.


Pimm’s Tricycle

But if you’re sitting here reading this and your summer party or corporate event has been and gone and you’d have to wait a whole year to experience the perfection that is Pimm’s, well think again. We offer a winter Pimm’s service just as special and popular as its summer counterpart. Mulled wine tickle your taste buds? We do that as well, we are the complete package. Warm up with our excellent drinks service and escape those winter chills.


Winter Pimm’s

What I’m trying to portray is that no matter what event, style, guests, size etc we can accommodate and generate something spectacular for you. We run on a client to client bases so you will receive 110% effort and commitment from our office staff to our operators I can ensure you of that. Enquire here. We really do look forward to potentially working with you in the future.

This will be a weekly blog so feel free to keep checking back, follow our blog and social media to keep right up to date with all things Ideas Box.

Have a great weekend.

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