‘Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction’

Happy Friday, well sort of, the rain is back and I guess that could finally be the end of our extended summer. Sad face 🙁 But we all knew it was coming and it’s time to prepare ourselves for those winter months.


Union Flag Tricycle

Last week we had we had the opportunity to welcome Latresha for work experience. Where she would learn about the ins and outs of an events company. Below are details of Latresha’s week written by her, as one of her tasks whilst she was at Ideas Box.

“On my first day I was able to help clean the tricycles that had been used at a weekend event to understand the operational side of an event business. Especially in a small business where everyone has to muck in. I was also able to visit a venue, where an event I would be working on Friday was taking place. This allowed me to communicate with other members of staff and give them key information like lift sizes. Finally I went to visit the graphic designers to experience all about the branded tricycles.

On Tuesday Harvey (company director) took me to set up an event with the ice cream tricycle which was amazing. It taught me teamwork and that many hands make a job easier and more manageable. After leaving the event I returned to the office to help create job sheets, which informs the people working the event about operating the events. Which was interesting as it showed how organised you all have to be to make an event run smoothly.

On my third day I was mainly shadowing Emma who is the sales assistant intern for this year. She showed me how to create invoices, booking forms and menus. This allowed me to see another side of the business, how the events get booked and created before being put into operation.

To round off the week, I got the chance to go to an event and helped operate the Hot Dogs Tricycle. This was a great learning experience as I got full interaction with clients. Overall it was a busy but rewarding day, which will surely help me in the future.

My work experience was a real eye opener. Meeting and working with some amazing people who introduced me to how a business really operates. As I shadowed each member I witnessed the true meaning of team work and without it many things would not happen. Helping them to set up events was really amazing and was a great opportunity. I would like to thank the team for welcoming me with smiles and open arms.”

Latresha was a great team player and each of us here at Ideas Box wish her all the best for the future.


In further news we will be attending the Square Meal Venue and Events trade show on Wednesday and Thursday (21st and 22nd) next week, where we are looking forward to meeting some great people! Hope to see you there!