Popular Christmas Tricycles

Christmas is just around the corner, 90 days to go in fact, and we cannot wait for you to get excited about our popular Christmas tricycles. Summer is fading away into our rear-view mirrors, the winter wardrobes are getting finally getting some use and the temperature is slowly dropping. But fear not, we have the perfect combination of food and drinks tricycles that can warm the heart and put smiles on the faces of all.


What we are really trying to promote this year is our mulled wine and roasted chestnuts tricycles. Both were introduced last year and were extremely popular, so why not let more people know all about them?

Our mulled wine tricycle is garnished with oranges and severed piping hot, to really get rid of those winter chills. The oranges really bring the flavours to life and some of the reviews we received last year make us really excited for all upcoming mulled wine events.

Roasted chestnuts are London classics which I am sure you have all smelled and most have at least tasted when walking along the Embankment. We want to bring that taste and smell right to your events. Being served off the gold tricycle (as seen at the Square Meal Venue and Events trade show) it really does give that festive feel. And it doesn’t just end there, we also offer roasted caramelised nuts which are perfect for all events. Imagine the rich aroma these tricycles would give off. It would be something special indeed.


Roasted Chestnuts Tricycle

Our luxury Swiss hot chocolate are definitely guest favourites. With some even labelling it the best hot chocolate they’ve ever tasted. Its smooth texture provides that perfect balance between milk and chocolate with the variety toppings just adding to the exquisite taste. Who doesn’t like marshmallows and cream with their hot chocolate?


Hot Chocolate Tricycle

Now my personal favourite our snow cones tricycle. Shaved snow created write in front of your eyes to create a real snow cone. You are able to choose from over 70 different flavours to top off your snowcones satisfying all guests I’m sure. And if you really want, you can add some vodka, to give the snowcones that alcoholic twist. My favourite flavour is mango and I would highly recommend that!


Snow Cones Tricycle

Something slightly different from our tricycles is our ski blizzard or ski simulator. We’ve recently upgraded it to be a four player platform so even more of people can participate. With fake snow swirling around your head, immerse yourself in this great experience. The inflatable dome is lit with uplighters the colours of which can be changed to fit a theme of your choice.


Ski Blizzard

To round up our popular Christmas collection is our Winter Pimm’s tricycle. Warm Pimm’s with spiced apple juice really is something that everyone needs to try at least once in their lives! Garnished with apples and oranges the explosion of flavours that you are sure to experience will change your life. Winter Pimm’s is perfect for those evening drinks receptions and winter weddings.


Winter Pimm’s Tricycle

But of course this is only a handful of our 21 tricycles and you are not restricted to these tricycles in the slightest! We also offer a bespoke service so if you have any suggestions for what you would like to be served off one of our tricycles we will try our best to accommodate.

We can’t wait for all of your Christmas events!