Sweet treats – with a sprinkling of sugar and chocolate of course!

Sometimes there is nothing quite like a real dessert, a dessert that fills you up and every bite of every mouthful is just filled with total satisfaction. I know you must be sitting there imagining the taste of your favourite food. Maybe the tummy has even started to rumble slightly? Well when I imagine that special dessert I think of Belgian waffles and warm churros dipped in a fresh hot chocolate sauce. Who doesn’t love chocolate right?


Churros are just one of those desserts that aren’t enjoyed nearly as much as they should be, instead doughnuts are the preferred choice of many that love to indulge in a sugary treat. But why is that? The first thing that pops into my mind is the texture. When made correctly however there should be very little difference, apart from the crispy outside, along with the rich doughy centre. Another misconception is that churros are dry and lack any real taste – but that’s what the chocolate sauce is for. The rich sauce soaks into the churros softening the outside, but still leaving that crunch many have come to relish.


Here at Ideas Box we have both a doughnuts and churros tricycle, with both being extremely popular, especially for private events. The churros is prepared to order so you will only receive the highest quality for your event. Fresh and crisp and warm to the insides, the churros will leave you feeling satisfied inside, I can guarantee that!


The doughnuts tricycle is another guest favourite and with multiple toppings every doughnut can be something to behold. Again we make them fresh to order and serve in bamboo boats, so that none of the sauce is lost! With sauces including white and dark chocolate, caramel and strawberry they could be mixed together – I have no idea what it would taste like, but it would be a lot of fun right?

There’s more photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages so feel free to check them out!

But my all-time favourite dessert has to be Belgian waffles and I would always smother them in white or milk chocolate at home and ‘stuff my face’ (my mum’s words) on a Sunday in front of a film. So working on the other side, actually making waffles and helping to organise events so that others can experience and fall in love with the unique taste, is really amazing.


Our Gold tricycle hosts our waffle machines and the waffles can of course be personalised with a whole host of toppings. Including strawberries and cream, banana and of course chocolate sauces. But of course we work for you, so if you ever fancy a different topping all you have to do is ask and we will try our best to make it happen.

With a busy bank holiday weekend for us we cannot wait to serve more guests and provide some excellent food and drink.

Enjoy the long weekend.